Clear communication with all invested parties during the construction process.

With Bimstream you can effortlessly bring in all those involved with your project. Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings with clear and precise communication. Fast, easy and integrated with the latest BIM technology.

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Bring in all involved parties into your building process.

Be notified instantly of possible challenges and solutions.

Find all your construction details in the right place.

Strengthen collaboration both digitally and on the construction site.

The power of Bimstream

ILS basis-check

Bimstream supports the BIM-basis ILS check. This allows your Bim models to be checked and validated on this widely supported standard.


View your project from any orientation to instantly determine the state of your project and quickly decide the next step of the process.


With Bimstream sections you can zoom in on details that are characteristic to your project offering you the most representative view for identifying bottlenecks.

IFC 2X3 standards

By using the IFC standard Bimstream supports a smooth exchange of BIM information while construction parties can continue to work with their own software.

Safe sharing

Share all your project models, drawings and other documentation safely and quickly with all parties involved.

Document management with Docstream

Docstream to manage any project: plans, documents and checklists can be easily exchanged between the two solutions.

Interactive floor plans

With Bimstream it is possible to select every Bim element within the construction site on an interactive map and display complete properties.

Projects of any size

From small holiday homes to the construction of a large office complex, Bimstream makes every project manageable.

The Pro4all family

Bimstream is part of the Pro4all family: we are constantly developing our current and future solutions.

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