Win time by transforming your lean session into a digital schedule.

Save time with Leanstream by digitizing your schedule. This way you'll have access to the latest schedule and prevent miscommunication on the construction site.

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The power of Leanstream

Make a link between sticky notes

Make a link between sticky notes and stay informed. You will stay up-to-date on a related task by means of notifications. This way you will prevent miscommunication.

Multiple schedules per project

Keep the schedules clear by creating multiple schedules per project. This allows you to create your own schedule for each component or to split up large schedules.

Foto or text mode

Leanstream offers the possibility to show your tasks in text mode. You can view the sticky note and tag a person.


Leanstream offers the possibility to display tasks in text mode. This way you can display the sticky notes and indicate your own preferences.

Pro4all Portal

Leanstream uses the Pro4all Portal. This way you have access to different environments through one portal and only one account is needed for each environment. This portal is still in development.

Online communication

You can place a comment on each card. Make decisions online to save time and avoid miscommunication.

Full digital planning

Leanstream can be used digitally. You can also directly enter the schedule without the use of sticky notes!

Work offline

Leanstream can be used offline on a tablet with the leanstream app.

The Pro4all family

Leanstream is part of the Pro4all family: we are constantly developing our current and future solutions.

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