Drag and drop emails and files from Outlook directly into Docstream

Docstream Support

With the Outlook File Drag plugin it is now possible to directly import emails or attached files into Docstream. nodig. The plugin is currently only supported on Windows computers in combination with the Outlook desktop application. This article explains how to install and use this plugin.

Please note: This plugin has not been developed by Pro4all and because of that we won’t be able to offer any direct support. Furthermore, installing the plugin is completely at the user’s own risk.

The file to install the Outlook File Drag can be found here.

How to install the plugin:

  1. Scroll down to Installation to find and download the version supported by your Windows OS (32bits- or 64bits). The .zip-file will start to download.
  2. After opening the .zip-file select setup to start the installation and follow the prompted steps.
  3. Restart Outlook to complete the installation.

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, you will be ready to drag and drop. This video shows you how that works in practice: